Getting Started:

What are the steps to access the PTG Trading Room Discord Server?

It’s easy. Step 1. Visit and select the download for whichever operating system you use. The options are Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac. Make sure to scroll down the page if you don’t see all the options:

Step 2. Create an account. Simply use the best email address for you and a password that you can remember.

Discord requires you to use some punctuation mark in your password, so make sure to do so:

Step 3.

Click on this link for an invite to the PTG Discord Server:

Step 4.

Send an email to [email protected] with your account
name. You will then receive an invite to the server via automated email after you have signed up for the service on the PTG product page.


What is The PTG Trading Room?

The PTG Trading Room is a chatroom where new and experienced traders can collaborate and view live trading and analysis based on volume analysis on Bookmap.

Discord keeps asking me if I’m a human.

This process is called reCAPTCHA, and sometimes it incorrectly detects suspicious activity from accounts resulting in a continual loop. This is a rare issue, but it does happen. There are four options

  • 1. Log in via the Discord website. Make sure you click ‘Log In’ at the top right, and do not click ‘Open Discord In Browser’
  • 2. Disconnect your internet, wait for a few minutes, then try again.
  • 3. Uninstall and reinstall
  • 4. Wait and try later

What is Discord?

Discord is one of the top community messaging platforms, totaling 300 million users worldwide as of summer 2020. It is a secure platform that allows PTG to collaborate and livestream our trading environment.