TSLA – Technical Chart

March  7, 2022

TSLA Under Pressure

Tesla is under pressure and not immune to the broader forces of an inflationary, risk off environment.  Macro is simply bearish and luxury EV’s are not exempt.  The P/E was rich and now being re-priced.  Having called out the TSLA long trade from 700 to 881 last week, it’s important to note that liquidity levels up here are sell side.  THE SHORT TERM LONG TRADE IS OVER  and this move higher was simply corrective.  PTGai  predictive models are NOT addressing the longer timeframe thesis, that will be a follow-up post.  So note that these are short term price swings that are being forecasted in TSLA.  The key to having any valid discussion in a stock is to first define the timeframe in which the analysis is being made.  Short term projections (trades) should not be confused with longer term ones (investments).  This is likely the root of most disagreements regarding value.  If there were “rules of investment conversation”,  this should be one of them.  Anticipating a move lower into 650 area in the short term here.  Sorry Elon, sellers control it. 
*Correction 4/29:  Elon controls it.

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