Why Digibyte Will Be the Standard, not Bitcoin

April 30, 2018

2019 Lamborghini Uro V-12 engine

Choose the pair that best compares to the relationship in the example below. 

Alloted Time:
1 minute


Apple : IBM
Lamborghini : Chevrolet station wagon
Peets Coffee : Folgers Coffee
disruption: status quo

all of the above

(See Answer Below)


A Faster Engine

Digibyte is a global blockchain with cybersecurity for digital payments.  It is 50x times faster than Bitcoin with over 5 million blocks and 15 second block times. Digibyte (DGB) is the most decentralized mineable blockchain in the market with over a 100,000 nodes.  It was the second coin to activate Segwit for atomic swaps.  DGB uses five mining algorithms to prevent centralization and protect against a 51% attack.  Currently, the community is discussing a hard fork which will swap out an algorithm for another to prevent ASIC -90.00% mining centralization.  Yes, they are the gamechanger and everyone will hear more about them very fast. Over 4 years, DGB has become the world’s fastest, longest, and most decentralized blockchain.  It is scheduled to perofrm at 180,000 transactions per second by 2035 since the block size doubles every two years.  Meanwhile, Bitcoin is bogged down by 7.8% unconfirmed transactions.

A Better Designed Coin

Operational since 2014, this coin has a number of interesting functions, including advanced security protocols on top of its 15-second block time. Digibyte was first mined on January 10, 2014, has come a long way from its early days. The CEO behind this rising coin, Jared Tate, revealed that the blockchain aims to deliver a high-speed and protected virtual token to a broader audience. Supported by dual bands of developers, including pre-miners and adopters, Digibyte is gaining momentum in acceptance points and is being deployed by other decentralized systems.

A Higher Price Trajectory

In terms of the price action, Digibyte has recently touched $0.04 level, which is a landmark for this currency. Trading at $0.043 after doubling in the last month, the trading volume of Digibyte has had a steady rise. With a circulating supply of 10,172,475,033 DGB tokens.  The current price correlation with the base markets has DGB increasing at a ratio of 2:1. For a legacy coin, Digibyte has a low market cap and a low per unit price. It is massively undervalued and the price projection I have for DGB is over .70-.80 by end of year.
CORRECT ANSWER:  If you chose “all of the above”, you may go home now.

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